Hey Hello

by Ripe

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Gentleman Walrus
Gentleman Walrus thumbnail
Gentleman Walrus There's something about this bombastic, energetic and gleeful funky album that tickles me in just the right way. Favorite track: Goon Squad.
Claire thumbnail
Claire Great for putting a bounce in your step. :) Favorite track: Caralee.
Kyle Snyder
Kyle Snyder thumbnail
Kyle Snyder This. popular music needs more artists like this, wonderful, up-beat, and fun Jazz. 9/10. Favorite track: Brother Sky.
Joshua Tinsley
Joshua Tinsley thumbnail
Joshua Tinsley Amazing EP. Great blend of instruments in the songs, and equipped with a fantastic lead singer. I really hope this band makes it big! Favorite track: Talk to the Moon.
Ian Gue
Ian Gue thumbnail
Ian Gue Beautiful songs! Saw your vid on Talk to the Moon on Berklee's Youtube channel. Officially a fan. Sending some good vibes from the Philippines! Favorite track: Talk to the Moon.
faultyhippy thumbnail
faultyhippy Ripe is one of my favorites in the funk scene right now. High energy. Favorite track: Brother Sky.
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released July 27, 2015

All Songs Written & Performed by Ripe | Produced by Michael Miller & Ripe | Recorded & Engineered by Matt Hayes at Wellspring Studios | Mixed & Mastered by Dave Darlington at Bass Hit Studios | Assistant Engineer: Andrew Keller | Art Direction by Eric Rosati & Maxx Stofman | Principal Photography by Corsei ft. Bella Wholey | Graphic Design by Eric Rosati | Additional Photography by Can Ahtam | Additional Engineering by Maxx Stofman

Special thanks to Arlo Feirman, Mike Blatt, Michael Shpak, and our Ripe Family



all rights reserved


Ripe Boston, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Brother Sky
And it hits you like a brick
You're never gonna get out of it
That's fine, you never really get out of it
But did you figure this as part of your plan
Cuz if so stop
And try and wiggle with the weight of it
Do your best to try and reason with the weight of it
Even as you fail at least you'll understand
You spill your drink as you wander towards his table
Trying your best to keep your cool, you're not completely sure you're able
And that's fine
May as well make friends with where you're going take your time

You don't need me to tell you
There are there are no normal nights
You may as well enjoy it
When your only choice is chasing brother sky
Gonna find that brother sky

So hold on tight
And maybe later you'll be better for it
Maybe later they'll say that you were truly better for it
They wouldn't be the first to tell that sort of lie
So pray
That in the morning it'll be different
Tell yourself that in the morning it'll be different
Who cares about truth
It's whatever helps you survive

Cuz it's 5am and you're dripping like a faucet
Wondering how does Tennessee get so cold in fucking August
And that's fine
May as well make friends with where you're going take your time

You don't need me to tell you...

I don't know what I'll tell my children when I'm older
How their daddy went went for exactly what he wanted
It's a different kind of loving when you're not sure what to stay for
It's a different kind of victory when you're not sure what you're playing for
I'll be one man in the corner
Singing songs about religion
Trying to get you to grow wings out of the shoulders we've been given
You can fly
So I will meet you where the morning sun shines bright
Track Name: Talk to the Moon
Queen of the streets
She loves you for the better
Down on your knees
Pretending its forever
Wicked and Wise
Unbridled and unfettered
So brother be warned..
She’ll kill you if you let her
Don’t let her go

And if you see her, Tell her Hey Hello

Ha, Talk To the Moon
She’ll smile just like an answer
Out in the streets, She tells you she’s a dancer
So stick to the grind
Who knows how long you’ll have her
So don’t let her go
And if you see her, tell her hey

Hello I was wondering do you still recall my name
Cause I’m starting to think that you can’t tell me why I came
But now that I see you all that I can think of to say
Is I came here to find you now all I can make out is hey
So, hey hello

Do you recall
The day we first departed
Been through it all, still I’m open hearted
Here at the end
I can’t say how it started, so lets start it now
And if you see her, tell her hey hello
If you see her, tell her hey hello
If you see her, tell her hey hello.
Track Name: Goon Squad
Jon sparks his cigarette
Hands it off to Michael while he asks aloud if he should take Liz home again
Mike just spits, and grins
And drinking in his smoke tells Jon "it's time you learned to swim, if you know what I mean"

Pre chorus:
Sometimes your friends will be your fix
Sometimes your upturned fist
If you are learning to live like this
Then I can teach you to live like this
Like this
Like this, like this...

Shoot right between the eyes
With a message from on high
There's no tomorrow till you've earned it
Light fires through the night
I'm not trying to just survive
I want to live cuz I deserve it

Don't you worry
Don't you worry
The goon squad gonna show you how
Don't you worry
Oh don't worry
The goon squad gonna show you how

Goon squad shows you how
To live life free of chains
Shackles on the ground, outstretch your arms, then turn around and find you're home again
And when you get there you will see
The friends you've made along the way start to look like family if you know what I mean


How to feel it in your bloodstream
Louder than your heartbeat
Ill teach you what the words mean
If you'd just sing along
Feel it in your bloodstream
Louder than your heartbeat
Teach me what the words mean and I'll join you singing (x2)